The Roundup: Magnolia Wellness Giving It Away Now



Here's your headlines:
1) The New York Times wants more feedback after publishing "One High Day" a compelling account of medical marijuana's efficacy at end of life.

So far, this guy wrote in: "The Obama administration’s recent crackdown on growers and sellers of medical marijuana is totally justified. The federal government is trying to protect vulnerable people from the use of marijuana as medicine, since the drug is not proved safe or effective."

2) This just in from American Journal of Sports Medicine: “smoked cannabis can decrease anxiety, fear, depression and tension ... Furthermore, cannabinoids play a major role in the extinction of fear memories by interfering with learned adversive behaviors. Athletes who experienced traumatic events in their career could benefit from such an effect.” [via WaPo]

3) TIME names "The Protester" 2011 Person of the Year. Should that include pot crackdown protesters?

4) Sacramento County dispensary Magnolia Wellness is closing due county pressure. The collective has begun hosting a ganja giveaway this week, SacBee reports. Magnolia is also believed to be in the running for an Oakland dispensary permit.

5) Federal authorities in Colorado may be getting ready to push some dispensaries farther away from schools.

6) The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana closes its doors Dec. 17 due to federal pressure. The club is 14 years old.

7) But hey, Tom Petty's touring in 2012, he's announced.

8) Gucci Mane's out of jail early.

9) And the new High Times came out. A foto du jour.

Its the fire.