The Roundup: Jerry Gets a Doc, Mendo Forest Needs Friends



Here's your headlines: 1) "The late Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia will be the subject of a forthcoming feature-length documentary." Rolling Stone reports.

2) Super flossy Castro District cannabis dispensary The Apothecarium keeps making news for its charitable giving, first in the AP in December and now in the Bay Area Reporter.

3) Pitchfork gives Gucci Mane and V Nasty project BAYTL a 4.9 as a "a bizarre and unique artifact of rap music in 2011". We enjoyed it, though.

4) New Study: A little weed not bad for Dad.

5) Want to help clean up the Mendocino Forest in the aftermath of a big illicit outdoor growing season?

6) Sacramento News and Review laments the lost tax revenue from the pot crackdown.

7) One of Obama's flunkies tries to marginalize legalizers in the New York Times when he's actually the extremist, says Salon. “he employs a bit of ad hominem, suggesting it’s just “a few … die-hard libertarians” who support legalization — ignoring not only the American majority, but the scores of top law enforcement officials who are fighting to end the drug war.”

8) Lastly, some site called Rehab International has two interesting infographics: one on marijuana history and the other on alcohol prohibition. We haven't vetted them yet, but they seem to be pretty good. Check them out below:
The Hazy History of Marijuana
Via: Rehab International

Prohibition Did What?
Via: Rehab International