The Roundup: Fort Bragg Councilman Shot During Investigation



Here's your headlines:
1) Savage craziness from the wildlands far north of San Francisco: Someone who appeared to have been guarding a marijuana operation poppy garden “jumped up and opened fire” on Fort Bragg councilman Jere Melo on Sunday. Melo, who stumbled upon the farmgarden while was working security for a timber company, was killed. SWAT searched fruitlessly for the gunman, a transient named Aaron Bassler, but he's still at large. According to the LAT, “in 2009, Bassler faced federal charges after allegedly throwing packages containing strange drawings and writings into the Chinese consulate in San Francisco four times.”

2) With two bills that coulld count as victories for opponents of safe access to therapeutic pot — SB 847 and AB 1300 — headed to Governor Brown's desk, Americans for Safe Access encourages folks to write to the governor. SB 847 will be used to close clubs that are within 600 feet of a residential land use, while AB 1300 gives more ammo in court to cities who seek dispensary bans. (ASA has also put together a guide to dispensary regulations.)

3) Sacramento County has become the latest broke jurisdiction to fire employees while turning down millions in tax dollars from cannabis dispensaries, the Sacramento News & Review reports.

4) SF delivery dispensary Green Cross has joined its A-class peers in getting its products lab tested.

5) Medical cannabis patients are now juicing weed for what they say are its therapeutic acids.

6) “Sobriety is a wonderful high,” notes The Dude (aka Jeff Bridges) who only partakes in off-hours.

7) Speaking of off-hours: the new character-based shooter Deus Ex gets an A from the AV Club.

8) San Diego weed punk Wavves releases single “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl”.

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Keep your head on a swivel out there, folks.
  • Keep your head on a swivel out there, folks.