The Roundup: DUI Limits Proposed for Weed



1) L.A. cops beat on a guy busted for simple possession of pot, the ACLU says (via NORML).

2) The state of New Jersey lives up to its reputation by denying legal medical marijuana to dying people.

3) Call of Juarez: The Cartel — a new video game by Ubisoft — draws condemnation from actual Juarez, where American guns, money and prohibition fuel an ongoing drug war that has claimed 6,000 people in the city in two years.

Don't retreat, reload.
  • Don't retreat, reload.

4) Montana is having a full-blown relapse of Reefer Madness, with the house voting to repeal medical marijuana. Look at this round of anecdotal scaremongering:

"Montana kids are in trouble! After speaking with principals, educators, parents and kids across the state, it's clear our schools are suffering the devastating consequences of passing the medical marijuana law. Montana is now No. 2 in the nation for teen marijuana use. Our situation is serious. One principal described it as a "nightmare." Another said "It has crossed all boundaries, even star athletes are using it." They are finding it impossible to tell kids it's harmful. Many kids don't even believe it is still illegal, citing storefronts and signs all over town as evidence."

But not everyone is convinced.

5) Baltimore — otherwise known as the doomed city where The Wire takes place — debates medical marijuana.

6) CelebStoner has your top 2011 drug arrests: including Wocka Flocka and Montel Williams.

7) And weed DUI limits may come to Colorado marijuana users soon. Keep in mind: the FDA said you can drive as high as you want, as long you get your THC from Big Pharma.

"Patients receiving treatment with MARINOL Capsules should be specifically warned not to drive, operate machinery, or engage in any hazardous activity until it is established that they are able to tolerate the drug and to perform such tasks safely. "

8) Speaking of Big Pharma: legal drugs don't cause crime like all those pot shops allegedly do, right?

9) Lastly, Redheaded Blackbelt has the money shot of a "diesel dope" grow said to be influenced by Humboldt residents' long-standing practice. The comments are germane as well.

  • Amateurs.