The Roundup: Divinity Tree Closes; Washington Raided



Here's your headlines: 1) Herman Cain says medical pot is a state issue — thereby joining the ranks of other Republicans who won't be president.

2) Irony Time: U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag stands pat on kids near heroin, crack, meth or strip clubs. Instead, she closes a regulated, San Francisco pot dispensary. In Haag's defense, "World’s Hottest MILF Lisa Ann" is probably ok around kids.

3) Haag and other U.S. Attorneys have successfully stalled dispensary permitting in Sac. And Tahoe. And Santa Cruz.


The War on Moms: Making America Safer
  • The War on Moms: Making America Safer
The new face of the drug war: Larissa Danielli of Ocean Beach, California — mother, business owner, medical marijuana patient. When her neighbor's apartment catches fire, firefighters enter her home and find some pot in a cooler. Police arrest her, take away her kids and jail her for five days. She still hasn't gotten her kids back. "I am now out a home, a child, a drivers license and much more. Not to mention the tax dollars spent protecting America from dangerous me."

5) Trimmer crackdown in Humboldt: "They are, in essence, treating the trimmers equal to the growers, and that’s unprecedented in this county, if not in the entire state".

6) Ban Hammer costly: "Dealing with one marijuana case cost $200,000 in attorney's fees, leaving city leaders with sticker shock. Then they began to wonder whether their ban would even withstand legal challenge, given the contradictory case law."

7) Washington Legalization 2012: "former US Attorney for Western Washington Katrina Pflaumer, former Seattle deputy mayor and municipal court Judge Anne Levinson, and retired state Superior Court Judge Robert Alsdorf announced they were endorsing I-502."

8) Meanwhile, currently employed feds raids 14 Washington clubs in the heart of legalization country.

9) California legalization 2012: 7,000 signatures down, 494,000 to go. With volunteers. Hasn't anyone heard of Kickstarter or short codes?

10) Breaking culture news: Stoners like rolling trays. "Don’t go using something that’s gonna scratch your tray all up, you’re not DJ Qbert."

11) Most importantly, Audio: Dam-Funk “Just Ease Your Mind From All Negativity