The Roundup: Danny McBride's 'Your Highness'; Mark Leno Bill Advances



Here's your headlines: 1) Stoner fantasy flick Your Highness panned by Village Voice. "The movie’s improvisatory recklessness often relies on stock, fallback comedy: scenes lazily punchlined on four-letter words, pot slang, and gay jokes only offensive in their unoriginality."

2) Embattled Oakland hydroponics salesman Dhar Mann of WeGrow — embroiled in lawsuits with his former partner — is peddling his services in Arizona and other medical marijuana states, according to his Twitter feed.

3) Sen. Mark Leno's medical cannabis patient employee rights moves ahead in California Senate. More news after the jump.

4) Two Americans ambushed and killed waiting at Mexico border. Independent think tank Council on Foreign Relations has concluded the US' war on pot contributes to a Mexican security climate where criminals can act with near-total impunity.

5) Haiti's new president smoked the doja, ... and crack.

6) As towns across the nation grapple with the phantom menace of dispensary crime, it's time for some perspective. According to the FBI, in 2010 there were:

5,546 bank robberies, 74 bank burglaries and 8 bank larcenies.

Bank loot taken totaled $43,016,099.07. Recovered: $8,193,065.41.

Peak hours for bank robbery? Friday afternoons.

Most of them were bank teller holdups, but 333 of them were takeover robberies.

106 people were injured, 90 hostages were taken and 16 people died, 13 of them robbers.

The South had the highest number of robberies. California had 805 and Colorado 170.

In lieu of mandating alarms and cameras at marijuana dispensaries, clearly the time has come to ban the scourge of storefront banks. Source: FBI.

7) The City of Richmond is accepting applications for medical marijuana dispensaries.

8) provides some perspective on the crackdown on dispensaries in San Diego, as the city tries to regulate them out of existence.

9) A California legalization 2012 initiative called 'The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine' act is decanting online.

10) Roughly one thousand non-violent California pot growers facing state prison this year will be kept in county jails, because of a new bill signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown Tuesday that makes counties self-fund their appetites for pot prohibition.

11) Marijuana is a weed and some people are allergic to weeds, hence 'Marijuana Allergies May Be More Common Than Thought'.

12) ScienceDaily on marijuana and the amygdala. Side effects like paranoia may stem from pot's ability to modulate the brain's emotional information processing system, via the amygdala. This may also be why veterans with post traumatic stress disorder use pot, as it appears to modulate the same 'fight or flight' pathway.