The Roundup: Big Bust in SoMa After Fire; 'Marijuana Man' to Save the Day



1) Pretty big pot farm bust in SoMa, SFWeekly's Chris Roberts reports.

2) The Village Voice on memoir Square Grouper (pot slang for bales of marijuana tossed overboard during a police pursuit at sea).

3) America's drug czar sits down with Foreign Policy magazine to talk about the quasi-new world order of drug interdiction. Read the independent Council on Foreign Relations' assessment about how that's going. More news after the jump.

4) Following a new estimate on the electrical cost of indoor-grown pot, solutions may include: urging the market to "buy outdoor" the way they "buy organic."

5) Five arrested protesting the City of San Diego ban on dispensaries (via Americans for Safe Access). Raids in Detroit. Legislative backlash in Montana.

6) Maybe ending marijuana prohibition is as simple as giving $6 billion* — a year's-worth of unionized, government prohibition workers something better to do, The Bay Citizen reports on prison jobs. (*Estimated.)

7) Bluntastic rap might NOT be the soundtrack of a rape culture, Ashley Judd decides.

8) Meanwhile, FlyLo making jams with Erykah Badu

9) Jamaican cyborg dancehall artist Major Lazer - a creation of Diplo and Switch - gets an Adult Swim show.

10) Jamaica will again try to officially decriminalize it.

11) And, is the world ready for Ziggy Marley's new comic 'Marijuana Man'?

Out April 20 in oversized hardcover by Berkeleys Image comics
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  • Out April 20 in oversized hardcover by Berkeley's Image comics