The Parkway's Latest Perfect Match



As we reported Friday, the group of midwestern investors known as Motion Picture Heritage is no longer in the picture as a potential new operator of the Parkway Theater. But someone else is: Mark Haskett, former operator of Alameda's Central Cinema. According to former Parkway programmer Will Viharo, who continues to play a role in the theater's transition, Haskett would operate the theater half of the operation and a separate business would operate the restaurant. Viharo reports that Haskett is serious about stepping in and has already conducted a "productive discussion" with Oakland city councilwoman Pat Kernighan. But he's yet to meet with the Parkway's landlords, the Cheng family of San Francisco, who will make the final decision. Evidently it was their veto that ended Motion Picture Heritage's chances here. Time will tell how the Chengs take to Haskett.