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The Other Side of the Lake

When: Oct. 4-Nov. 2 2013

This month, those who enter Aggregate Space at the juncture of Oakland’s West Grand Avenue and West Street will find themselves swallowed by an alternate reality, in a bizarre belly seemingly far from where they entered. Inside is an arrangement of fifteen pieces by Bay Area artist Brynda Glazier entitled The Other Side of the Lake. The solo show includes mixed-media sculptures, paintings, and a non-narrative short film that together form a bizarrely enchanting yet simultaneously cringe-inducing environmental experience. In the hallucinatory dreamscape, sherbet-colored porcelain hands reach out from green fur-covered walls, forming grotesque gestures like meditation mudras from another realm. Glazier’s works daringly challenge the viewer to accept beauty within abnormality. “Verecund Mountain,” for example, is a porcelain statue of a seated woman whose body looks as if it has melted out of shape into a disfigured blob. Details like its airbrushed peach skin tone, human hair, and glass eyes contribute to an impressively believable execution — an absurd reflection of humanity worth contemplating.

Sarah Burke