The Next Phase in Marshawn Lynch's Career: Cowboy Movie



True freshman at Cal with 8 rushing touchdowns. Twelfth overall pick for the 2007 NFL draft. Starting running back for the Buffalo Bills. Ghost rider. Traded to the Seattle Seahawks. Added to the NFC Pro Bow Roster. What else could possibly be in store for Oakland-born football player Marshawn Lynch?

You guessed it: a cowboy movie. According to Chron writer Katie Dowd, Lynch will star alongside Gary Busey in an action-packed but deliciously melodramatic indie film called Matt's Chance. Dowd describes the plot thus: "A twenty-something cowboy named Matt whose cheating girlfriend sends his life into a downward spiral." Enticing, right? Seattle filmmaker Nicholas Gyeney has yet to release details about casting, but in the meantime, you can follow the production process here.