The News in Haiku: Stormageddon and Apathetic Cats

Plus, we're number eight! And too many puns, probably.



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Stormageddon: Live Updates, Photos, and Videos
The rest of the world
called us "wimps" but they DIDN'T

Also, this guy won the internet:

Oakland Named Top Ten Travel Destination for 2015
It's (hella) about
time we beat Duluth, Minnesota

Cats Endorse This Video We Made About Cat Town Cafe

"This video is
more exciting than a box!"
— Signed, All Cats Ever

Bristlr: The Tinder for Beards

Beard lovers and beard-
havers, rejoice! This app is
here to shave the day.

POP Sandwiches

Leave it to Oakland
to have the best sandwiches
sold in a VAPE STORE.
POP's ahi tuna, pork adobo, and egg sandwiches. - BERT JOHNSON
  • Bert Johnson
  • POP's ahi tuna, pork adobo, and egg sandwiches.

Hot Dog!
This illustrator
shows us the best way to thwart
pesky editors.

Undercover CHP Pulls Gun on Protestors
First, topless photos.
Now THIS? Putting the "high" back
in Highway Patrol.

This Week's Dan Savage Advice: Gender Solid
What's agender? Pan-
gender? Ambisexual?

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