The News in Haiku: "Gay Panic" Dies, Uptown Receives Award, Elections Heat Up

Because the workday is long, but your attention span is short.


Welcome to this week's edition of the News in Haiku, where we digest the news in seventeen syllables, because the workday is long, but your attention span is short. Here's what you may have missed this week.

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Facebook Apologizes
Put on yer tallest
heels and throw some glitter 'cause
drag queens win the day.

To Wi-Fi or Not to Wi-Fi at Cafes?
Is there room for
both laptops and notebook
scribbling? Yes and no.

Berkeley VS Big Soda
Even Big Soda
says soda's bad for us. New
plan? Big bucks, of course.

Ai Weiwei's @Large - SARAH BURKE
  • Sarah Burke
  • Ai Weiwei's @Large

Alcatraz Opens Anticipated Ai Weiwei Installations
Ai gives middle finger
to repressive governments
while trapped in China. 

Beyond Grandma's Gefilte Fish 
What does Michael Pollan
have to do with the kosher
movement? Find out.

Bay Bridge Steel to Be Made Available for Reuse in Public Art Projects
Steel yourselves, artists.
Your next project just may land
you in deep waters.

Uptown Oakland Named One of the Best Neighborhoods in America
Why? Hint: First Fridays,
art park, diversity, a
billion beer gardens.

The Black Orchid tiki drink from Longitude - BERT JOHNSON
  • Bert Johnson
  • The Black Orchid tiki drink from Longitude

Tiki Makes a Comeback

Depending on your
level of drink nerdery,
this may surprise you.

California Bans "Gay Panic" Defense
Nice work, Golden State.
49 others, you've got lots
of work to do.

Identical Dems in Assembly Race
Two East Bay liberals
with similar values. Who
should you vote for?

Five Elaborate French Fry Dishes All East Bay Foodies Should Try
Recently dumped? Over-
worked? Just plain drunk? Then
these fries are for you.

Vote Butt, Young, Nosakhare, and Padilla 
Our easiest
endorsement to date. Plus, vote
for the environment.

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