The Legalization Nation Index: A by-the-numbers collection for 2011 [Part I]



4: Number of persons approved by the federal government to smoke medical marijuana (US Drug Enforcement Administration).

16: Medical marijuana states (Americans for Safe Access).

750,000: Estimated number of qualified patients in California (NORML, June).

24.8 million: Estimated number of eligible patients under current state laws (See Change Strategy, March 2011).

$1.7 billion: Estimated size of the annual medical marijuana market in the United States (See Change Strategy).

$8.9 billion: Forecasted size of the annual US medical marijuana market in 2016 (See Change Strategy). Read more after the jump.

92: Percentage of the national medical cannabis market located in California and Colorado (See Change Strategy).

$1.3 billion: Size of California medical cannabis market (See Change Strategy).

$100 million: Amount the California Board of Equalization estimates it collects annually from the 8.75 percent sales tax levied on medical marijuana dispensaries (BOE).

$740,000: 2010 Oakland tax revenue from dispensary permits and sales (City of Oakland).

30,000: Estimated number of attendees at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo held for the first time in front of Oakland City Hall.

$2.5 million: Amount Harborside Health Center owes the IRS, because the IRS says medical cannabis dispensaries can't deduct business expenses (Harborside).

5,300: Pounds of food Harborside Health Center donated to the Alameda County Food Bank, earning it the Red Plate Award in May (Harborside).

$18 billion: Estimated size of the annual US marijuana black market (See Change Strategies).

28 million: Estimated number of consumers of marijuana in the last year (US Department of Justice).

9,000: Estimated number of full-time equivalent DEA agent positions budgeted for 2011-12 (White House).

17,000 metric tons : Estimated annual marijuana production in the US according to the US DOJ.

5,000 metric tons: Estimated annual marijuana production in the US according to RAND.

1: Percentage of total US electricity generation estimated used by indoor pot cultivation (Evan Mills, member, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).