The Incredibles

Rated PG 2004

Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) is an insurance salesman helping poor clients leap through loopholes in their restrictive contracts, but he used to be known as the invincible Mr. Incredible, till the government outlawed superheroes. Bob and his wife Helen, once known as Elastigirl (and voiced by Holly Hunter), have gone into the superhero relocation program, along with their speedster son Dash (Spencer Fox) and disappearing daughter Violet (NPR commentator Sarah Vowell). But Bob's itching to get back into the hero biz, which doesn't sit well with Helen. He gets his chance to suit up again after a former pal-turned-baddie starts offing the heroes and comes after Bob and his family; there's death here, plenty of it. This is all grim, grown-up stuff, but writer-director Brad Bird keeps it from sinking in the depressing muck. The Incredibles is beautiful to look at, but even more lovely beneath the computer-generated surfaces. Bird's is just a different kind of fairy tale, one with its roots in the modern-day comic book, in which the invincible can be hurt and the super are just ordinary after all.


The Incredibles

The Incredibles

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