The Green Door: Now With 50 Percent Less Sketchiness



SoMa's High Times Cup award-winning, former-check-cashing-facility-turned-dispensary The Green Door is still bulletproof, but friendlier. As the club's management wrote in their March newsletter: "You spoke up, and we listened. We know, you've been telling us for years that you couldn't hear the budtenders well enough. That is now changed. Our new windows are designed with conversations in mind so that you can consult with the budtenders and get exactly what you ask for. Not to mention, check out that tile!"

The Green Door: Now with 80 percent less sketch!
  • The Green Door: Now with 80 percent less sketch!

The Green Door is now doing "CANNABIS CHEMISTRY" every Friday from 2 - 4 p.m. in LOUNGE8four7, which is right next door.

And the dispensary has published an interview with California attorney Matthew Pappas, who says Washington D.C. medical marijuana legalization created an opportunity for an "equal protection" challenge to federal medical cannabis prohibition:

"Folks need to bring cases under the ADA, like AIDS hospice cases and methadone clinic cases. All of those kinds of cases are directly on point with medical marijuana. These cities, these sates can't be discriminating. If their legislatures are, if their city officials are, they're subject to damages under the ADA, and immediate injunctive relief to stop the behavior. So that would be my recommendation to people in various states. Start thinking about the ADA and your states disability laws.
"The benefit of the ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] is that under title 2 these cities and the states are gonna be liable for damages. Boy they're mouths opened wide when they learned that. It's retroactive. For all the years that they've been discriminatory, every single one of them, for every single patient that's been harmed, they will end up paying those people millions of dollars. And when they get into the pocketbook, they'll stop discriminating against patients."