The EBX Happy Hour is TONIGHT



Do you have a mouth? Do you occasionally like to consume adult beverages and talk about the news with said mouth? Well, today's your lucky day: The EBX Editorial staff is hosting a Happy Hour TONIGHT at the Night Light. There will be drink specials! There will be merriment! There will be El Taco Bike parked right outside for your mobile eating pleasure! There will be be cocktail invented just for the occasion by bartender to the stars Doug Kinsey (which I tried last week andfound to be very good)! There will be the paper's writers and editors, eager to have you throw rotten fruit and scream at us about typos talk to us face-to-face about what we're doing well, what we're doing not-so-well, and what we could be doing more of! Most importantly, there will be you! 6 p.m., hope to see your smiling faces there.