The Chronicle Likes It When You Treat Her Bad



We know the Chron likes to keep a firewall between its news and opinion pages, but today's op-ed offerings are just a little much. A few inches below Debra Saunders' latest tongue-clucking (study groups are bad! Especially when they talk to Thomas Friedman!), you'll find four hundred meaningless words about how methamphetamine "is a community problem and requires a community response." Ah, but the kicker here is the author of this zesty slab of tripe: none other than Kevin Ryan, the United States Attorney in San Francisco! Careful readers may recall that two Chron reporters face eighteen months in prison for refusing to say who told them embarrassing secrets about Ryan's office and the incompetence it displayed in the BALCO case. Memo to editorial page editor John Diaz: Grow a pair and stand by your colleagues. Tell Ryan the next time he wants to tell us drugs are bad, he can rent a friggin' billboard.