The Boss of It All


In this screwball office comedy (2006), Dogme 95 founder Lars von Trier has abandoned handheld cameras for a new process, Automavision, where computerized cameras are programmed to introduce random changes during shots. Scenes are thus punctuated by as many jump cuts as punch lines -- a technique that amplifies the sly humor. Jens Albinus plays a neurotic actor hired by a corporate lawyer (Peter Gantzler) to impersonate the head of a Danish IT firm, in order to speed the company's lucrative sale to a hostile Icelandic executive (Fridrik Thor Fridrikkson). Bereft of a script, the actor can only intuit his "character's" history and motivation, and stumbles into one explosive situation after another, while frantically improvising a way to rescue the eccentric workers he realizes are being swindled. WIth Iben Hjejle. In Danish and Icelandic with subtitles.

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