The Big Oil Company Behind Prop 23 and the Tea Party



You want to know who's the big mover and shaker behind the Tea Party, the anti-Obama crusade, and the climate-change-denial movement? Then you’ve got to read this piece by the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer, one of the world’s best journalists. It's about Charles and David Koch, billionaire libertarians who own Koch Industries, a little-known Wichita-based oil giant that has funded and secretly directed the Tea Party Movement, while successfully portraying President Obama as a "socialist." The Koch brothers also have spent untold millions attempting to cast doubt on the role of humans in causing global warming.

As we noted earlier this week, California Watch, a division of the Center for Investigative Reporting, recently revealed that Koch Industries donated $1 million to the Proposition 23 campaign, instantly making it one of the largest contributors to the statewide measure that would roll-back California’s landmark climate-change law.