The Atlantic's 'Secret Ingredients for Marijuana Legalization': Moms and Latinos


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CliffsNotes for 2016 in California:

"Legalization advocates have found that female support tends to be a leading indicator for marijuana measures. In the case of both California's 2010 and Colorado's 2006 votes, sagging support among women preceded a collapse in men's support too. In California, for instance, support from women saw a 14-point swing against legalization over the final six weeks, dragging support from men under 50 percent.", The Atlantic's Casey Michel wrote yesterday.



"A strong tradition of social conservatism, in addition to misplaced concerns about an increased market for cartels, kept Latinos reticent to pass any outright legalization, but a concerted effort from [Colorado's] team — as well as an endorsement from the Colorado Latino Forum, the most influential Hispanic organization in the state — convinced the swelling populace to support the measure's passage. 'Marijuana prohibition really has a tradition of discrimination against the Latino community,' [Colorado legalization effort leader Mason] Tvert says. 'They're still arrested at a disproportionate rate in Colorado, so they recognize this, for their community, this is probably a civil rights issue.'"