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London music mag NME reported last week that Prince has lost his mind. Well, not in so many words. But we can read between the lines; Prince's demand that three of his biggest fan sites immediately remove any image bearing his likeness, including Prince-inspired tattoos and license plates, is utterly ridiculous. Especially coming from a guy who changed his name to a symbol, painted a rented mansion purple, turned a guitar into a phallus during a Super Bowl half-time performance, and is generally -- and publicly -- pretty damn strange. Now, all of a sudden, just as his latter-day comeback is taking shape, he decides to reign it all in? His biggest fans (or ex-fans), by the way, refuse to comply, insisting their use of Prince's "likeness" is protected by law. In related news, Prince has also announced plans to sue YouTube, eBay, and BitTorrent provider Pirate Bay. Something tells us the real damage to his image is yet to come.