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Thérèse Lahaie: Longing for the Background

When: Oct. 2-Nov. 21 2009

Motors and lights may power her kinetic sculptures, but whizbang technology is the least of ThérèseLahaie's concerns. Rather, she uses her slowly rotating abraded mirrors as meditational objects linking the waxing and waning of natural processes with human respiration and pulse. Transparent but for a few islands of silvering, Lahaie's circular and rectangular panes cast hypnotically changing patterns of shadow and reflected light on the walls behind them that inevitably suggest astronomy. Other pieces include plate-sized circular glass lenses (or microscope slides or corneas) that are embedded in the wall at various angles, as if flung into wet plaster, and spotlighted, and photograms of glowing white forms within black matrices representing the Tibetan bardo, the limbo zone between death and rebirth. Longing for the Backgroundruns through November 4 at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary (25 Grand Ave., Oakland). or 415-577-7537

DeWitt Cheng

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