Ten Minutes with [Your Name Here]



Hi, readers. I know we just met, but already I need to pick your brain. In the coming weeks, the 92510 blog will be launching a weekly online interview series called "Ten Minutes with ..." and we want you to help us fill in the blank. Here's the idea: Each Monday, we'll choose a local guest to occupy the hot seat, and give you a few days to email us your pressing questions. Ask whatever you want. Tough questions. Funny questions. The blindingly obvious questions we reporter types miss. On Friday, our special guest will reply. But first, who do you want to hear from? We're looking for East Bay community heroes, entertainers, politicos, scientists, business leaders, educators, activists, artists, writers, bloggers, and other assorted thinkers and doers. Send me an e-mail and let's get this ball rolling, eh?