Tell Jerry Brown The Election is Over



One of our blog operatives (sans camera alas) was driving by Oakland's Sears Lofts this morning when she spotted some strange promotional activity. The windows along the 27th Street side of the building, just below the penthouses, were plastered with numerous signs, perhaps a dozen, that simply say "Jerry Brown." Not "Jerry Brown, Leadership for California," or "Elect Jerry Brown, a Crook's Worst Enemy," or anything like that. Nope. Just "JERRY BROWN" in big block letters on a simple white background. Hizz-ex-oner, of course, lives in this building, and while there's a small chance this is the work of some obsessive neighbor, it's probably safe to assume the windows in question are those of our beloved attorney general and his wife. Well, Jerry, the election is over. You won by a wide margin. You can stop promoting yourself to us now.