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Teaching Artists to Market Their Work

Bridge Artspace wants to help artists acquire some business skills.



Transforming a storage facility into an art space is a long and arduous process. But Bridge Artspace (23 Maine Ave., Richmond) events manager Sydney Metrick says it's worth what you offer, in terms of sweat equity. Bridge was actually a hip venue at its inception, made entirely of recycled materials, with gardens and an administrative office that doubles as an art gallery. Last year, owners Jim and Jeff Wright (a father-and-son duo) began retrofitting their ten-year-old venue. They knocked out walls, enlarged rooms, installed electricity, put in natural lighting, and created a gallery-type atmosphere. They unveiled the new iteration with an October soiree for Richmond-based artists and curators. Now they've rolled out a new series of classes for working artists. Course offerings for February include "Marketing for Artists," "Creating Your Vision and Plan," and "Get Booked" (a workshop for musicians to learn how to submit their work electronically). Class prices range from $25 to $65. For a full schedule, visit