Tauscher Irritates Bush, Gets Away With It


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As if George Bush won't have enough to worry about during tomorrow's State of the Union address (Today's New Republic headline, for example: "How lame will Bush's State of the Union be?"). Now comes word that Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher has invited Christine Jennings to attend the address as her personal guest. Jennings, you may recall, ran for the old seat of Florida senatorial candidate and antipsychotic medication poster child Katherine Harris, but an electronic voting machine foulup wiped out eighteen thousand voters - and probably her victory. "It is absurd that the Florida courts have limited access to the very voting machines that clearly malfunctioned last November and subsequently aided in seating the wrong person in the House of Representatives," Tauscher said in a recent press release. "I have invited Christine to attend the State of the Union because she should have a seat in Congress. Period." Bush better hope the teleprompter works better than those voting doohickeys.