Tagami's Got the Army Base



Phil Tagami, a politically connected Oakland developer, has won the right to develop the Port of Oakland's piece of the former Army Base and likely will receive the city's portion as well. Tagami and his business partners plan industrial uses for the base, including an array of support services for the port. Although the City Council will not award the city's section of the base until Tuesday, it would difficult for the council to now give it to a competing developer who wants to build a retail center, since Tagami's plans for the other half of the base got the greenlight Tuesday from the port commission.

It's been a long time coming for Tagami. As a port commissioner and confidante of then-Mayor Jerry Brown earlier this decade, Tagami helped steer negotiations between the port, the city, and the Army over the base. And later, he acted as Brown's point-person on the base's future. Now, it appears likely that all the time and work Tagami put in will come to fruition as he leads a $2 billion redevelopment of the property.