SXSW: The Spit Brothers Rep Bay Area Dubstep



Berklee College of Music graduates Bakir and Dubsworth had a problem with dubstep: The reggae-inspired form of electronic music dominating so many different corners of the world just wasn't jazzy enough for them. To remedy this, the San Francisco duo brought in live trumpet and live bass, augmenting the dubstep DJ's standard kit of MacBook Pros and mixers — and it totally works.

The San Francisco instrumental electronic duo opened up the SXSW music festival in Austin on Wednesday at 8 p.m. with a head-nodding blast of bass, beats, and, yes, reverbed-out brass. The hour-long set, part of the Surefire Records Showcase, didn't draw the crowds seen over at A-list Stubbs — where Sharon Jones and DJ Danger Mouse were de facto headliners of the town. But the lack of lines and ample room to dance made Spit Brothers a priceless antidote to a hectic, crowded first day. In 2010, the Spit Brothers say they'll be touring hard in the Bay Area and beyond, and have a Spring mix for free. Don't miss ‘em.