Supreme Court Bans Cameras in Prop. 8 Trial



The US Supreme Court, which has long history of disliking cameras in the courtroom, will not allow the Prop. 8 federal trial to be taped and played on YouTube, at least for the first few days, according to the Associated Press. The judge in the historic trial, which could ultimately lead to the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide, had ruled last week that the proceedings could be taped and then shown on YouTube, starting today.

But the anti-gay-marriage forces appealed the judge’s ruling to the Supreme Court, alleging that their witnesses would be reluctant to testify out of fears of ridicule and/or persecution. The pro-gay-marriage side, by contrast, argued that the case should be as public as possible because it is of such importance. The high court, which likely will ultimately decide the outcome of gay-marriage rights, is scheduled to take up the cameras-in-the-courtroom issue in full on Wednesday.