Sunday: Behind the Cart Plays Brunch Roulette



It’s a Wednesday night, and you’re on North Shattuck, finally, to try the weekly food-truck pod Off the Grid.

Then you see the lines.

  • Behind the Cart

We’ve been there, too, weighing whether to stand in line at the Hapa SF truck for thirty minutes, or spend five to walk to the Cheeseboard for pizza.

At a continental-style brunch this Sunday (September 18, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.) at Berkeley’s Firehouse Art Collective, you won’t have to choose. This is the third Behind the Cart event organized by street vendor Michael Davidson, aka GrilledCheezGuy. We’ll let Davidson explain the idea behind the gatherings, via BTC press release: “As a local popular food cart vendor something I realized early on is that people are interested in the stories behind the carts. We all want to know how the GrilledCheezGuy came to be or what inspired the Creme Brulee cart to hit the streets. This event provides the opportunity to enjoy some of the local food carts best dishes while also sharing stories at the end of the dinner.”

Sunday’s brunch features food (and stories) by INNA Jam, El TacoBike, Tea & Good Company, Simply Mochi, Schulzies Bread Pudding, 23 MonkeyTree, S + S Gastro Club, Blank Tea, and, of course, GrilledCheezGuy. The full menu’s at Behnd the Cart’s Eventbrite page, same place you can buy tickets (cost: $40). Remember to bring champagne if you want (orange juice will be on hand for spiking), oh, and there’s a twist: a Bingo-like game will determine the order of the courses. Guess that’s the way the carts roll.

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