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and go check out the RapGenius entry for Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci." RapGenuis, if you're not familiar, is a site where laypeople attempt to interpret whatever the fuck is going on in rappers' heads when they write their songs, offering a line-by-line analysis not unlike what you might find in a freshman poetry class. Except, you know, Yeats never talked about swag coming out his ovaries (SADLY!!!!)

Anyway, the weirder a song is, the more out-there the interpretations tend to be, which is why with "Gucci Gucci" we get incisive analysis (on the line "on the block I'm magical"):

The way she moves work on the block is like magic

...literary extrapolation (on the aforementioned swag n'ovaries one-liner):

If you were to have a child with K$ she would give birth to pure swag...The placenta would probably be a nice pair of Wayfarer sunglasses

...and even a (remarkably in-depth) history lesson (on the line "Yeah you can kiss the ring, but you can never touch the crown"):

You may pay homage to her in the Medieval fashion, by kissing her ring (vassals used to pay homage to the king by kissing the ring), but cannot touch her crown, as it implies that you seek the throne for yourself (Medieval kings understood the allegory of the act too — touching the crown was a punishable offense). Kreayshawn postures herself as a queen of hip hop

The world is truly a wonderful place.

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