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Stoners Against Legalization

Just who intends to puff, puff, pass on Proposition 19?



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NORML's Gieringer — the group that coined the phrase "Stoners Against Legalization" — said there's always been a fringe community of stoners who vote against reform measures. "Every vote counts, but we're talking about a minority of a minority," he said. "People currently using marijuana are voting 85 percent for Prop 19."

The fringe won't matter as much in the Prop 19 race as Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's massive, multimillion-dollar get-out-the-vote campaign this fall, says Gieringer.

Whether or not Prop 19 wins or loses, Lee has said his main goal was to get the discussion going on legalization. It's clear that quite a bit of discussion — crazy and sane — is taking place. From that perspective, Soares says Lee has already won.

"Oh absolutely," she said. "I think the best part of Prop 19 and one of the benefits I see is that it's getting national coverage. Glenn Beck is talking about it. If you can get him to say crazy stuff about anything you've done well."

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