Petula Clark had a top-ten hit in 1967 with her jaunty tune "Don't Sleep in the Subway," and 41 years later it's still great advice, if the recent misadventures of BART passengers are anything to go by.

On February 5, according to a BART Police press release, "a female passenger fell asleep on a Pittsburg-bound train" and awoke to find a man "inappropriately fondling her." Disembarking at Rockridge, he escaped.

The next day, a patron reported seeing a man steal a sleeping woman's purse on a Richmond-bound train: "The male then off-boarded the train at El Cerrito Del Norte, and boarded a bus. Officers responded to the scene and detained the male, who was still in possession of some of the victim's property. The suspect was arrested and booked at the Martinez County jail."