State Senate Passes Landmark LGBT Education Bill



A bill that would require public schools to include LGBT history in social science curricula, just passed 23-14, in the state senate. Authored by Mark Leno of San Francisco and co-sponsored by Equality California and the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act (SB 48) would, if it passes in the Assembly, also add sexual orientation and gender identity clauses to the state's existing school anti-discrimination polices. Quoth a press release from the GSA Network:

The FAIR Education Act would bring classroom instruction into alignment with existing non-discrimination laws in California and would add LGBT to the existing list of underrepresented cultural and ethnic groups, which are covered by current law related to inclusion in textbooks and other instructional materials in schools.

Which, like, probably should have happened a really long time ago! But nonetheless, good for us.