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Spray Tan

Genderqueer slut rock.


Oakland punk three-piece Spray Tan labels itself “genderqueer shameless slutrock,” and its music is a bold, in-your-face celebration of self-expression that’s not limited by the binary of male vs. female. Embracing bright lipstick, mesh, leopard print and other hallmarks of queer kitsch, the band’s glam rocker fashion taste is as fun and rebellious as its music. On its debut album Soloslut, the trio delivers punchy, major-chord punk anthems that challenge assumptions about gender and sexuality. The album’s title track is a celebration of getting down with yourself when your love life has you down. Meanwhile, “Morning Sex” embraces kink and BDSM. Whatever your sexual proclivities, Spray Tan is here for you — especially if your tastes and preferences fall outside of what’s accepted by the patriarchy. Catch the trio live with Tyler Holmes (of the storied, local, queer electroclash band Daddie$ Pla$tik) and Trap Girl on July 15 at One Fam in West Oakland.

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