Sound by Its Cover: The Welcome Matt's Right Outside Your Door



My last Sound by Its Cover post inspired the ire of a band and its fans, so this week I'll shoot more for the middle of the road. The Welcome Matt's Right Outside Your Door happened to arrive on the same day a friend sent me a link to a Richmond company called Vetrazzo , which makes countertops and other surfaces from recycled glass. They look great, plus they're environmentally friendly, she said. Right on both counts. Thus primed to appreciate shards of painted glass, I couldn't help but be drawn to this album cover. The underlying image, of San Francisco singer-songwriter Matt Langlois peering from behind a pair of aviator shades, is sharp. The bold color scheme -- red, yellow, black, and white -- is eye-grabbing. The concept is well executed and, while not entirely original, a lot cooler than kitchen countertops.