Smoking Cigarettes Banned At Outside Lands and Other SF Events — But Medical Weed's Still OK



The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to ban tobacco — but not pot — smoking at outdoor events that take place on City-owned property. The law includes street fairs and places like Golden Gate Park, where tens of thousands amass regularly for events like the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival each summer. Outside Lands producers as well as street fair producers will have to notify the public that the event is smoke-free and post signage.

An exemption was carved out for people using medical marijuana. While second-hand tobacco smoke is a known carcinogen, extensive, well-funded federal studies have failed to find a link between pot smoking and lung cancer. Cannabinoids also have an anti-tumor effect in cell and animal studies.

Still legal at S.F. street fairs, with a doctors note
  • David Downs
  • Still legal at S.F. street fairs, with a doctor's note

We would add that tobacco-smoking is already prohibited in S.F.'s parks — except the ones with golf courses on them.

Enforcement of the tobacco-smoking ban street fairs will be pretty minimal, we expect. But fumigators all of kinds should be on notice. Don't bother non-smokers with your habit. Go find a corner somewhere.

And speaking of nuisances: San Francisco's Supervisors also voted unanimously Tuesday to require landlords of multi-unit apartment complexes to designate each unit as either smoke-free or smoking optional and include that designation in vacancy listings.

The goal is to help cut down on the friction between tenants who smoke and those that don't by clarifying the rules beforehand.

We at Legalization Nation have gotten several letters from tenants complaining about their neighbors smoking pot in their multi-unit complex. Setting expectations ahead of time seems to make a lot of sense.