Slap Hitter: Warriors lose...and that's OK.


Here's the thing; you can't win em all. We know that as sports fans. As Warrior fans we know it on a PhD level. Last night Golden State, a miserable 11-29 for the season dropped a three-overtime home game to the rancid Sacramento Kings 135-133. And when it was all over at about 11 p.m. last night, all I could think of was; that was hella fun!

The fact that the home team is significantly flawed made for a more entertaining game. So that meant every possession when Sacramento had the ball would be a chess match (OK, checkers) to see how or if the Warriors would hide their deficiency. Starting the last ten minutes of the game with their second string (and then needing to go to their third string when the backups got into foul trouble) resulted in a game of attrition. Who would crack first amongst the bottom dwellers of the Pacific division turned out to be way more engaging than your standard ten-point win that should have been expected.

So let's take a moment to reflect on what we want as sports fans. To be riveted to the action? To twist and turn with the fate of a game? To empathize even, and imagine what if it were me out there, obviously I could play better defense than Anthony Randolph, but still? The Los Angeles Lakers slough off a team like Sacramento without breaking a sweat, but I'm not sure the cool dispatching of a lesser light would keep me up past three Sports Centers with the burning question: How is this one going to wind up?

Ask anyone who stayed up for the seventh period last night (they'll be the ones who are rubbing their eyes through their glasses) and query them about the game. They'll say, it was great, until it ended. They'll be mistaken. The only thing that wasn't great was that the game ended at all. — Kibby Kleiman