Slap Hitter: Take a shot at the Raiders--for Free!

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One of the best weekly sports columnists around, Tim Keown, is on a real roll this week, hitting the Oakland Raiders high and low. The rip on coach Cable's miserable misfire on the fake field goal attempt alone is worth the price of internet admission. Uh, speaking of which, whatever happened to the exclusiveness of the ESPN insider site? Not that we're complaining, but it seems that the once pay-for-view sight is now a free-for-all.

Never quite sure what one would get on the other side of the velvet rope, I now see it's just kind of more of the same, except now with fantasy football flotsam. Now gratis you can enjoy reruns of the PTI program too. A mixed blessing for sure.

The real coin flip of the deal is the very one that brings us web star Keown. The scribe got his start banging away at the San Francisco Chronicle, and combined with Bruce Jenkins made Must Read Saturday every weekend. Jumping online has made the print world that much poorer. Ironic, considering that he's the very epitome of a writer I would pay to read.— Kibby Kleiman