Slap Hitter: San Jos-A's?


Head a few more miles down 880 and the merry-go-round of where to place the A's stops today in San Jose. There are lots of reasons why it won't happen, but rest assured that the last few gallons of ink the sports pages have will get spilled on this story in the upcoming weeks.

The territorial issue is the rock in which the good ship Athletics will probably run aground. To wit: major league baseball doesn't dig teams moving into nearby area codes of already existing teams. The Giants have claimed San Jose as their own. Ironic that the City is smaller than the city they claim dibs on.

When the Washington Nationals were being born, the Baltimore Orioles got a pretty compensatory penny for the grace they displayed in granting the former Montreal Expos a place on the Beltway. It's unlikely San Francisco will do the same.

Besides what will happen to the San Jose Giants? Pride of the California League. There's a great gritty feel to Municipal Stadium in San Jo and unless the A's are moving into the old downtown ballpark, I'll save myself the trip. After all it wouldn't be the A's without an out of date home field.

How about this...if the A's do move, we get the bush league team. As long as the mascot stays put.— Kibby Kleiman