Slap Hitter: Raiders...Urine luck!


Sports Illustrated's website did one of those evergreen kind of stories on a dull middle of the week posting. But the Oakland Raiders never have a dull day. Not the 23rd place ranking (better than we thought it might be.) Rather it was the peeposterous comments that might give a fan with a full bladder cause for reflection.

Here are a few other highlights from the data: turns out the majority of Raider fans tailgate for at least three hours before game time.

Nobody thinks the product on the field is above average, but a small handful will go beyond and claim what they're seeing is "excellent" (My guess is that they're amongst the "five hours or more tailgaters".

BART's a big winner. The only thing people like more than public transit to the game is sitting in the parking lot before the game.

The conlusion is obvious-getting there is all the fun! Leaving's pretty popular too.— Kibby Kleiman