Slap Hitter: Raiders—Kicking but not Alive



The Raiders peaked today at the end of the first half with a 61-yard field goal converted by Sebastian Janikowski. The record breaking kick also represented the last points the Raiders would score as the visiting team for the 2009 season, getting worked today by the Cleveland Browns 23-9.

Today's dispiriting loss, keeps coach Tom Cable on the see-saw between being fired or re-hired. I'm all in favor of giving him the boot. Tons of penalties, ounces of offense and inability to win two games in a row should be enough to try again. All the wise guys say, look at the Pittsburgh Steelers and see how they do it; decades of coaching stability must be the ticket. But the Raider way back then, when they were winners, had them run through a number of coaches and still rule the roost.

The Raiders, next week get a chance to complete the rare double brownout, when they host the Baltimore Ravens, who used to be the Cleveland Browns. It says something I suppose that the best part of the Raiders personnel has been the first part of the game's name, truly the Silver and Lack, have the "foot" part down. But another season heading toward 5-11, should make it clear that what the Raiders have built isn't worth a second look. Another tear down needs to follow the worst decade in Raider history, and though it needs to start at the very top, we can just start chopping from the neck down...just make sure to leave the feet.