Slap Hitter: Raiders, Let the Farce be with You!


Piling on is a fine football tradition. One more body on top of the tackle after the whistle has blown. Slap Hitter, part of the Raider Hatin' here in this very paper, has now found another reason to tweak the Silver and Black. This time it's fashionable.

ESPN's website has trawled the depths for the fiercest fans of each team. Here's the numbah one Raider. Contrast Darth to the Bronco's boosters and you'll see it isn't a pretty picture. Seeing as the first regular season game here in the Bay will be against Denver's finest, it is possible that the Arkies may add another thousand miles or so to their odometer for Monday night's game. If so, it should be easy to pick them out of the crowd, especially if they wander into the Black Hole. They'll be the ones not dressed as a guy who gets blown up while riding around in Death Star II: the return to Oakland.

But we should wait a week before committing more unnecessary roughness. Bad enough to summer with the A's, to winter with the Warriors (minus Monte). Let's figure we'll just fall with the Raiders.— Kibby Kleiman