Slap Hitter: O, a lead-off hitter for Oakland


In the spirit of Rickey Henderson, the A's took a page from their Hall of Fame past, and signed Orlando Cabrera, a real-honest-to-goodness lead-off hitter to a one-year contract, where the little O will now scratch singles and steal bases in the green and gold.

Recognizing that the A's may not even play the short shortstop in the number one slot, it's nice to know that Cabrera can double as Raider kicker if the need arises.

All in all the thread of this off-season has been to make the A's a little older (Giambi), a little higher profile (Holiday) and a little celebrity splashed (Nomar?). Today's move is a little bit of all three. Here's hoping the season provides as much pizzazz (and Lord, no Piazza) as the off season has. — Kibby Kleiman