Slap Hitter: Mayor Dellums goes to bat for Oakland baseball


Finally, the home team takes its turn at the plate. Oakland mayor Ron Dellums has mildly weighed in on keeping the A's in Oakland. A letter is on its way to baseball commissioner Bud Selig. I'm not sure that a mildly stern missive is going to make much of a difference, but it is nice at least to hear the mayor's office willing to make a pitch for a venue that seats a million plus every year.

The mayor wants to set up a task force, and though that may not slow the caravan of the A's road show. ("Fremont...Fremont?....San Jose....San Jose?...") it at least shows a faint pulse of awareness (how's that for a re-election slogan?) of a city that's been way too silent once Robert Bobb gave up the ghost of a downtown ballpark.

The Fox is up Ron, now the A's are in the on-deck circle. The letter A is at least, a start.— Kibby Kleiman