Slap Hitter: Introducing (again) the Triple A's


The big league trading deadline passed, and with it our One Year Plan. Free agents to be Matt Holliday and Orlando Cabrera are gone, having not provided the inspirational veteran leadership or prime-time star power that was drawn up in December, so like last year, the Athletics are holding tryouts while the rest of the American League competes for some pennant thing.

The problem is that our late summer look is a bad one. New shortstop, Cliff Pennington is getting plugged as a "singles-and-doubles" guy, which would be kind of cool, if y'know he hit a bunch of them. Hitting less than .270 in the bush leagues though usually translates to late-inning defensive replacement in the Majors, for Oakland it means a place in the starting lineup.

Our first baseman du jour is Tommy Everidge. A minor-leaguer until last week, he was so far off the radar, that the A's didn't bring him up though he was hitting 100 points better than Cliffy. He's considered more a suspect than a prospect, but he has a fan club, which is nice. He's playing now, because our other minor league first baseman, Daric Barton was injured walking back to the dugout after another strike out.

And it continues. The broadcasters are pumped that Giant reject Rajai Davis is going to be playing more. Fans are clamoring for three time washout Travis Buck to replace USDA certified butcher Jack Cust in the outfield, and so on.

If you're going to the Colisuem then, be forewarned, you may not be able to tell the players without a program. That's why you ought to bring your old one from the Sacramento River Cats game just in case.— Kibby Kleiman