Slap Hitter: Hoping Cal Sports Flips your Switch

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The Oakland Raiders are shedding coaches as fast as they drop league games. The Oakland A's are licking the last drops from the fountain of youth and find themselves staring into the eyes of Jason Giambi who will wear what hair he has left in whatever style he's been unable to do so as a Yankee. The Oakland State Warriors will lose tough games at home and easy games on the road. How bout them Bears?

Cal men's hoops and women's roundball look to be the class of the 510 for the next six months. The men are playing for Mike Montgomery, and playing pretty damn well. After the weekend sweep of the Arizonas and yesterdays win at Wazzou, it might not be too soon to make a date for March. The Golden Bears need only to hold serve the rest of the way, and seem versatile enough to do that and more. I like the share the wealth aspect of the team, a number of players have been lead scorer and tip top rebounder. Sounds like a squad that might be slump-proof.

The women started off with a super high profile, and only now are justifying their seed. 12-2 overall and 3-0 in league means they're in lock step with the men. Like the colts, the distaff team has many different poisons to choose from. This is a team which has a Pac-10 player of the year who was seventh in the box score for scoring in the Goldies last game. Ashley Walker is the leading scorer in the league, and on a hellacious roll.

And of course, the rugby team is about to crush all comers, the swim team has dunked all its challengers, and I didn't bother to look but am guessing the intermural frisbee golf team is probably many strokes? flings? under-par.

Long story short..want to enjoy sports in the East Bay this winter? Better leave it anyone except the pros.— Kibby Kleiman