Slap Hitter: Fire Geren

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Seriously, the A's have lost just everything since the All-Star break except their gloves, and really why bring them when the pitchers are busy walking the ballpark? We went from hopeful to hopeless in the time it takes Bobby Crosby to trudge back to the dugout after another strikeout. Any solutions? You bet. Fire the manager. And the hitting coach. And the base coaches. This team has rolled over and died now two years running. Remember when the A's were the team to fear when the calendar turned to June? Now the league is licking their chops and ready to lay another two or three L's on the boys in green from now til October. Time to start beating the drums like we're the American League East and the A's are, um, the A's starting rotation.

Are the manager and staff the ones to pay?

Hell yeah. We fired Ken Macha and he took us to the American League pennant series. We fired Art Howe and we went to the playoffs nearly three quarters of his reign. So two time loser Geren's rope should have run out at the first three game losing streak, but knowing the fire sale has gutted the batting order he got a free pass. Now it is time to revoke it.

There is no obvious successor but there's no reason to let this dismal finish go quietly. So let's ask the A's to try something flashy. Here's a Beane friendly idea, hire one of our oldsters to be player-manager or rotate the responsibility; infielders get a week, then outfielders, catchers, starters then bullpenners. Saves money, redefines the paradigm, gives us something to cheer for for the next eight weeks. The A's slump has turned into a free fall, that's no fun. Let's turn it into a circus, what say? — Kibby Kleiman