Slap Hitter: Express Picks are the best in Baseball


The 2009 regular season is one playoff game away from being put in the archives. But before playoff season gets thrashed by week five football, let's take a moment to gloat. Our pre-season picks rocked. We're smarter than Sports Illustrated, Baseball Weekly and we want to take a moment to rub it in.

The final standings look a helluva lot like our April prognostications. Check it out--we picked the A's last, and they lived down to those dismal expectations. We had the Angels to win and they did. We had Red Sox/Yankees rather than Yankee/Red Sox, but we're also one-two in the American League Central, which is Tigers-Twins (or Twins-Tigers) and that's gotta be worth something. Also we pegged every last place team in the AL correctly. We know bad baseball.

In the National League, we got two out of three league leaders right (Cards and Phillies). And every silver medalist is correct. And we only missed a single last place team in the entire big leagues.

Sadly this talent doesn't extend far beyond any ball with red seams, so you're on your own in the fall months. But that being said, next time somebody's driving up to Tahoe, and asks if you maybe want to put a bet down, let them know that the best way to swing is with the Express.— Kibby Kleiman