Slap Hitter: Color US(C) impressed


This weekend is college football's big regular season finish. Cal has a no-win situation in Berkeley taking on the toothless Washington Huskies. U Dub is playing its last game for inspirational coach Ty Willingham whose fighting words after his team fell to 0-11 two weeks back was, "Let's go home". Cal goes to a Bowl game either way but no victory no matter how dominant will show the kind of superiority the USC Trojans will show in kicking the hell out of UCLA this week. The Bruins are already seeing red!

It's a uniform thing. College football has a rule that states the visiting team must wear a contrasting color from the home team, and all but LSU wear their colors at home, hence, it's white for the visitors.

USC chooses not to.

The men of Troy will don their cardinal red home jerseys at UCLA this Saturday in their attempt to clinch a Rose Bowl spot and humiliate their lesser rival in Shaky Town.

USC is going forth in splendiferous red knowing that doing so will cost them a full time-out for each half of football they play. What a slap to the Bruins. The Troy boys are going out to play football with a handicap! I think they should push it a little farther. How about slapping the guys at the coin toss just to give em 15 more yards at the kickoff? Bring in the Stanford band to taunt the Rose Bowl crowd. Pass out roses to UCLA thorn side first to let them know what they'll be missing for like the tenth year in a row. In an era of avoiding "billboard material" you got to like the fact that the Red, red Trojans are going to make UCLA blue, blue, blue, and dare them to do something about it.

It doesn't say a lot about sportsmanship, but it says a lot about why LA doesn't miss having a professional team. The Southern Cal team has the Hollywood vibe down baby, not much class but man they sure are colorful!— Kibby Kleiman